Report a change in circumstances

You must tell us if there has been a change in your circumstances.

You should email us at and provide proof of the change. If you have a smart phone, you can email a photo of your documents. The subject line must be your reference number inside pointed brackets, for example <XXXXXXXX>. Attach the photo of your documents and send an explanation if needed. You will receive an automated response confirming receipt of your email.

If you are making a new claim, refer to Housing Benefit and Council Tax Support.

You need to tell us about any of the following changes:

Change of income

If the income changes for you, your partner or other members of your household, you will need to provide proof of the changes (payslip, employment letter, contract). If your employer has changed, you need to provide the new name and address, phone number and email address. If you're self-employed, provide the name and address of the business. 

Change of savings

You will need to let us know if you or you and your partner’s savings or Pension Credit is more than £16,000. This does not apply if you receive Guarantee Pension Credit.

If you or your partner get Guarantee Pension Credit, you may have £10,000 before it affects the benefit you get.


You will need to tell us if you are moving out of or moving within the area. You should provide your forwarding address. If you have moved within Enfield, provide details of your new landlord, the start date of your tenancy and email a copy of your tenancy agreement.

Someone has moved in or out of your property

You will need to tell us if someone moves in or moves out of your property. If the person moving in is your partner, you need to provide two forms of identity, proof of their National Insurance number and current income (payslip, employment letter or contract).

Absent from your home

You will need to let us know if you are away from your home for more than four weeks. If you are going abroad, this may mean your Benefits could stop.


You must let us know if you become a Student.