Benefit cap

If you’re of working age, there is a limit to the amount of benefit you can get.

London area weekly cap levels
Household Benefit cap in London Benefit cap outside of London
Single people with children
Single people without children

Your capped amount will be based on the total amount of benefits that you and your partner can get. If the total amount of your benefits is more than the cap level, your Housing Benefit or Universal Credit will be reduced.

For more information, visit GOV.UK - Benefit cap.

Benefits included in the cap

The following benefits will be affected by the cap:

Exempt benefits not included in the cap

The following benefits will not be affected by the cap:

For more information about these benefits and how to claim, visit GOV.UK - Manage an existing benefit, payment or claim.

What you can do if you're affected by the cap

If you're affected by the benefit cap, you have the following options available:

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