Recognising abuse

Recognising abuse in children

The warning signs and symptoms of child abuse and neglect can vary from child to child. By understanding the warning signs, you can respond to problems as early as possible. It is important to recognise that a warning sign doesn’t always mean a child is being abused.

Children vulnerable to abuse

Certain kinds of children are more vulnerable to abuse than others. This can include:

Disabled children may be especially vulnerable to abuse. They may have impaired capacity which prevents them from resisting or avoid danger. They may have speech, language and communication needs. This may make it difficult to tell others what is happening.

Signs of abuse and neglect

Some of the following signs may indicate abuse or neglect but are not exhaustive:

Recognising abuse in adults

The video ‘Warning Signs’ highlights some of the different types of abuse adults at risk may face.

You can go to MyLife Enfield for further support with adults.

Please make contact if you are worried about yourself or someone you know: