Children’s Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub

What is the Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub?

Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH) is a multi-agency service which makes it easier to access early targeted support when you consider a child, young person or family needs a service that requires a multi agency response.

The focus of the MASH is to work across partner agencies ensuring families receive early help in order to reduce the need for statutory intervention.

MASH is a part of the SPOE. The MASH aims to promote the safety and welfare of children by providing better access to the information that will help to identify safeguarding risk, underpin a clearer understanding of need and lead in turn to effective and proportionate interventions and support.

The MASH way of working ensures that children and young people have a better chance of receiving the service that is suitable for them, and we spot any potential problems earlier.

How do I make a referral?

If you have a safeguarding concern about the welfare of a child or young person, please complete a Child Protection referral.

If you do not have safeguarding concerns but you need to refer to another agency for early help or parenting support please gain the parent’s consent and complete a Family Support referral.

This service is also available to members of the public and families who want to self-refer for support.

To help referrers make decisions about when to make a referral, please see the Pan London Threshold Guidance.

If you have more urgent concerns or a child is at imminent risk of harm, please call the MASH in advance of completing your written referral on 0208 379 5555.

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