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Welcome to the Save Me film and accompanying resources. The film is dedicated to all young people suffering the hardships of exploitation. It was first created to highlight that extra-familial harm can happen in schools, peer friendship groups and in local communities.

In 2018, Enfield Council made a successful bid and was awarded funding from the Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities formally known as Ministry of Housing Communities and Local Government. Enfield council commissioned Aviard Inspires production company to produce and direct the short film, due to his past successes and experiences working with young people.

Young people from KRATOS (KRATOS stands for ‘power and strength) who are part of Enfield Care Council and the Young Leaders within Enfield were consulted on the storyline, the script and took part in filming which took place in various locations in Enfield.

We want this resource to be seen by young people, to be used by professionals who provide direct work to children, families and carers and community leaders to safeguard our children. We want parents to be aware and understand what it’s like to walk in a young person’s shoes.

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Watch the trailer of Save Me. You can find the full film below.

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2 teenagers, connected through trauma, embark on a cab journey in search of freedom.

The film is rated as 12A which is suitable for children aged 12 and over. If children under 12 view the film, they must be accompanied by an adult.

Save Me is a 33 min social impact short film following 2 teenagers, connected through trauma, who embark on a cab journey in search of freedom. Written and directed by award-winning youth coach Amani Simpson, starring A Smxlls (Popular YouTuber and TikToker) and rapper Litty Lights (Nines' Crop Circle film).

Save Me film

Save Me masterclass

Find a masterclass of how the film was made with the writer/director of Save Me.

In addition to the film, there is a handbook that can be used to enhance the learning around the key themes such as grooming, child criminal exploitation, intimidation, and control and many more.

The handbook can be used by all professionals supporting young people to support one to one direct work, used within workshop setting such as schools, community youth centres, youth offending settings and parenting groups to create a learning environment for participants to explore and start challenging conversations around the issues relating to extra familial harm faced by young people today.

Download the facilitators handbook (PDF, 14208.18 KB).

Watch behind the scenes footage of the Save Me film - get a taste of what it was like to film in Enfield and experience what it was like to get behind the lens as well as interviews with key actors.

Watch filmmaker Amani Simpson and actor Elle Davies who plays Fiona, share their highlights during the making of Save Me

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