Web forms submissions logging - data specific purposes

Introduction and Purpose

The web form submission logs policy governs the storage of personal data in compliance with Enfield Council's privacy policy and terms of use. This policy applies to web forms hosted on the Squiz Matrix content management system (CMS) and its dedicated forms microsite. Web forms may also be utilized on other microsites hosted on the CMS.


This policy covers all web forms hosted on the council website (www.enfield.gov.uk), which may collect various types of personal data based on specific business processes. The standard data collected typically includes information such as name, email, address, phone, and other relevant details. Submission logs for these web forms are stored within the CMS.

Data Collection and Storage

Prior to launching a web form to the general public, the form submission logging is disabled. This means that unless a specific business process requires submission logging, no logs will be stored.


Exceptions to the default logging settings are made when a business process necessitates submission logging. In such cases, the data retention policy specified in this document will apply. The decision to enable submission logging for a particular web form lie solely with the Enfield council web team, relevant service owners, and/or the Data Protection Officer.

Data Retention

For web forms that log user submissions, the collected data will be stored for a period of two years from the date and time of user submission. After this period, the submission log will be automatically moved to the system trash. System trash is purged every calendar quarter.

Data Protection and Security

The storage of web form submissions adheres to the standard data protection and security policies adopted by Enfield Council.

Inclusion in Privacy Policy and Terms of Use

This Web Form Submission Logs Policy will be included as an integral part of Enfield Council's privacy policy and terms of use. By accessing and using web forms hosted on the council website and/or by providing express consent by ticking the privacy and policy tick box on the relevant form, users acknowledge their agreement with this policy.

Third-Party Access and Data Sharing

Web form submission logs will not be accessed or shared with any third parties, except when required by law in compliance with applicable regulations.

User Rights

Users have the right to request access to the personal data they have submitted through web forms. For inquiries or requests related to personal data, users can follow the procedures outlined in Enfield Council's contact us page.

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