Statement from Enfield Council on the new Environment Forum

The new Environment Forum is a huge step forward to help the Council progress with its priorities relating to green and open spaces, the built environment and sustainability.

The Forum is intended to provide regular, meaningful and integrated engagement with a wide range of local community groups and regional stakeholders. The approach will allow for more coordinated and borough-wide policy development by the Council in environmental and sustainability matters.

The monthly meetings, chaired by Cabinet Associate Member Cllr Katherine Chibah, will allow for comprehensive engagement and discussion of all environmental issues and policies to ensure the very best outcomes for Enfield’s residents. Themes for focus will include:
* Sustainability Climate Action
* Heritage and Design
* Environment
* Sustainable Transport

Following the launch of the new Climate Action Strategy, the first meeting is scheduled in August when a more detailed work plan will be considered.

The committee will be made up of five councillors and representatives from 21 conservation groups, Transport for London, the Train Operating Companies and local bodies with an interest in the natural and built environment.

The new forum supports Enfield Council’s strong commitment to creating a more sustainable Enfield, involving a wide range of partners and stakeholders.

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