Ring your bell for improved cycling routes

Cyclists are being asked to take part in an innovative navigation scheme that will highlight where improvements are needed along cycle lanes and to help find quieter routes.

Enfield Council is working with innovative start-up Blubel and is looking for volunteers to provide data as they go about their rides across the borough. 

Blubel is a navigation device that looks like a bicycle bell mounted on handlebars. Using the Blubel app, the device can guide cyclists along quiet, safe routes. It can also be rung like a traditional bicycle bell to report hazards that can later be tagged in the app. For example, a cyclist can tag a pothole in the road or highlight a dangerous junction. 

Enfield Council’s Deputy Leader, Cllr Daniel Anderson, said: “Enfield Council has partnered with Blubel to effectively and efficiently crowdsource data from the community and ultimately, make our cycling network the envy of all Londoners. This is a fabulous opportunity for riders to help make cycling safer and more enjoyable. We want our residents to feel empowered and highlight hazards. The information collected will help our urban planners and engineers improve and develop routes that are beneficial to all.”

Anyone interested in taking part in the pilot scheme should fill in this form. If selected, a member of the Blubel team will get in touch.

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