Providing excellence in Adult Social Care

Enfield Council has been ranked as one of the 10 best local authorities in England for providing Adult Social Care services.

The rankings were put together by iMPOWER and published to encourage good social care practice, debate about how money is spent on Adult Social Care Services, to shine a light on variations in service provision in different areas and to support the need for additional funding from Central Government.

Enfield broke into the top 10 after making what iMPOWER described as “very significant improvements in productivity compared to last year”.

Enfield Council’s Cabinet Member for Health & Social Care, Cllr Alev Cazimoglu, said: “This demonstrates beyond any doubt that Enfield Council Adult Social Care provision is effective and makes a real difference in the lives of the residents it supports.

“This result is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our tremendous social care workforce who do an incredibly difficult job under challenging circumstances but who never lose sight of the fact that the client always comes first.

“We are aspirational and ambitious for all of our services and we always seek to improve our perfomance so that residents continue to benefit from a social care system that puts their needs first.”

iMPOWER is the country’s largest independent consultancy focussed exclusively on delivering better public services.

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