New plan to help Enfield children reach their full potential agreed by Council

A new plan which aims improve life outcomes for children has been agreed by Enfield Council.

Developed after talking to more than 900 children and young people aged between five and 18 in Enfield and dozens of headteachers and other partners, the Children and Young People’s Plan aims to reduce barriers and giving extra support to children and young people who are disadvantaged and marginalised to improve their life outcome as they grow up to help them reach their full potential.

The plan will also celebrating the borough’s rich diversity, culture and heritage, and ensuring that all children and young people are treated with dignity, are protected and can express their views, feelings and wishes, making Enfield a fairer place.

Enfield Council’s Cabinet Member for Children’s Services, Cllr Rick Jewell, said: “We are absolutely committed to tackling inequality and improving the outcomes for every child in Enfield and this plan is the cornerstone of that strategy.

“It is simply not acceptable that your life chances are dictate by your background and postcode and we are looking at transforming the lives of young people for years to come by making sure they have access to the opportunities they need to thrive.”

The new plan has six priorities

Priority 1: Children and young people are empowered, included and respected

Priority 2: Children and young people can thrive through effective early help, good housing and accessible and inclusive services and public places

Priority 3: Children young people and their families are supported to achieve the best possible health and well-being

Priority 4: Children and young people have access to an excellent education, are ready to learn when they start school and leave with the skills they need for life and the world of work

Priority 5: Children and young people are safe and protected from harm in all places and spaces

Priority 6: Children and young people have an environmentally sustainable future

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