More affordable homes for Upper Edmonton

A proposal for much-needed affordable homes in Upper Edmonton which will contribute to the significant regeneration and improvement of the local area has been agreed by Enfield Council’s Cabinet.

The Upton and Raynham development seeks to improve the neighbourhood and create a vibrant community with the construction of 150 residential homes, two commercial units and improvements to surrounding public spaces.

The scheme proposes the delivery of 90 homes of London Affordable Rent and 60 units for private sale. The homes will be delivered to a very high quality along with pedestrian and cycle route connections from the Joyce and Snell’s Park estates and Fore Street in the west through to Meridian Water in the east of the borough. It will also include improved green spaces and a pedestrianised street with high-quality play spaces for children.

The development forms part of the Council’s “Building Council Homes for Londoners” programme and reflects the Councils commitment to directly delivering new council owned homes for residents. The planning proposals will be prepared in consultation with the community and the planning application will be submitted in 2021.

Enfield Council’s Leader, Cllr Nesil Caliskan, said: “This proposal is set to dramatically improve the area, partly through the creation of appealing public spaces. It is also of course an important step for Angel Edmonton because the scheme will be providing good quality housing for local people. In addition, there will be excellent connections between Meridian Water and Fore Street, leading to stronger, more cohesive and better connected neighbourhoods and will in turn generate support for the local economy.”

Angel Edmonton town centre sits at the heart of a long-term regeneration programme spearheaded by Enfield Council. Residents in the Upton and Raynham development will benefit from the Good Growth Fund which will be spent on improvements to Angel Edmonton’s high street. This project includes a business support programme, an urban room for community engagement, low-cost office and retail space and public realm improvements in targeted areas along Fore Street.

Meanwhile, the nearby Joyce & Snell’s regeneration programme proposes to deliver more than 2,000 new homes and the Council will build 10,000 new homes over the next 25 years at Meridian Water.

Enfield Council’s Cabinet met on Wednesday 14 October. The proposals are subject to call-in.

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