Millfield Manga revealed!

A bespoke mural celebrating the cultural diversity and artistic vibrancy of Edmonton has been unveiled at the Millfield Theatre.

Featuring students from Platinum Dance, the artwork was created by Sonoko Obuchi and unveiled during the Enjoy Enfield Summer, a fortnight of outdoor, socially distanced free arts and culture, hosted by Enfield Council.

The mural celebrates the local area but also marks the start of an important era for Platinum. This September, the dance organisation will launch its performing arts academy, offering a wide range of diplomas, short courses and teacher training.

The academy will be based at The Millfield House, a Grade II listed building owned by Enfield Council. Students will also have access to a well-resourced library and of course will be able to perform at Enfield’s main theatrical venues – The Millfield and Dugdale theatres.

The Leader of Enfield Council, Cllr Nesil Caliskan, was invited to unveil the mural – entitled Millfield Manga Revealed - alongside Sonoko Obuchi and Platinum students who were featured in the artwork.

Cllr Caliskan said: “Enjoy Enfield Summer has had a fantastic first week and I was honoured to be asked to unveil the Millfield’s stunning mural which depicts the enthusiasm and passion for the arts in Enfield. I would also like to congratulate the team at Platinum who are embarking on an exciting new venture with the launch of their academy of performing arts, where they will nurture students and teachers from all kinds of backgrounds to reach new levels of excellence in their artistic fields.”

Enjoy Enfield Summer is now in its final week. To view the schedule and to apply for free tickets, go to the Enfield Festivals website.

This week’s highlights include live art painting at Hive Studios, music by the Broomfield Bowl Blues, a performance walk and craft session by 1927 Theatre Company, and much more.*

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