Low Traffic Neighbourhoods plan unveiled

Residents will be at the heart of plans to make Enfield’s streets quieter and safer says the Council.

Enfield Council wants the vast majority of journeys in the borough to be made on foot, by bike, or by public transport and is working with residents to make their streets quieter and safer by rolling out Low Traffic Neighbourhoods.

These areas will be funded by the Mayor of London, and would help support the Mayor’s Transport Strategy 2018, which aims to achieve 80% of trips by walking, cycling or public transport by 2041.

Enfield Council’s Deputy Leader, and Chair of the Council’s Climate Change Taskforce, Cllr Ian Barnes, said: “Enfield Council is committed to introducing Low Traffic Neighbourhoods – we have a clear vision for the future where residential streets are rescued from high levels of speeding traffic cutting through to shave a few seconds of their journeys.

“We will be working with residents to help return these streets to the people who live there, creating places where people of all ages can walk, cycle and play without fear of speeding rat-runners and once again conversations can be heard with neighbours over the garden fence

“The first phases of this scheme includes areas in all four corners of the borough and we’ll gather residents views on how we can best achieve our aims.

"This will be an opportunity to help shape individual area projects and contribute towards a borough wide vision that is designed to create a better future for the generations that will follow.

“The Science and Technology Select Committee has said that people will have to get out of their cars if the UK is to meet its climate change targets so we want residents to leave their vehicles at home and start using public transport as well as making more trips through sustainable modes of transport such as walking and cycling.

“Our approach to transport policy is an essential part of our overall response to the climate emergency that has been declared.

"This is why Low Traffic Neighbourhoods have become centre stage for Enfield Council as this administration fights the existential crisis facing our planet"

Additional areas of the borough will be added as work progresses. Each Low Traffic Neighbourhood will aim to reduce or preferably remove through traffic from residential streets not designed to carry high volumes of motor traffic.

They will also improve residents’ quality of life by reducing road danger, enabling more walking and cycling and create streets that are not dominated by ‘rat running’ traffic.

In the vast majority of areas, the Council will conduct trials so that residents can experience first hand the changes, before final decisions are made. Residents and local business owners will have the opportunity to help shape the plans.

You can learn more here.

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