Lighting up Enfield Civic Centre to show solidarity and support for Sarah Everard

Enfield Council will light the Civic Centre orange on Wednesday night (17 March) to show solidarity and support for Sarah Everard and every other woman who has ever been affected by violence and harassment. Councils across London are expected to follow suit and residents are being encouraged to show their support by lighting candles on their doorsteps.

Enfield Council reaffirmed its commitment to the White Ribbon pledge - which empowers women and girls to stand up to violence and for men to prevent and reduce domestic abuse – in November last year.

The Leader of Enfield Council, Cllr Nesil Caliskan, said: “We support the right of women to go about their daily business without fear, harassment or attack.

“It is high time society stops victim blaming women for the behaviour of men, stops telling us how to dress, or act, and stops telling us what precautions we should take to protect ourselves, when the onus should be on stopping those men who harass, assault and kill women.

“The fundamental reality is that despite it being 2021, nearly every woman will have stories to tell of harassment and assault. Many will have questioned their actions. But women are never to blame, and suggestions they are, are shameful and unacceptable.

“Enfield Council stands in absolute solidarity with women everywhere and is seeking to end violence against women. Together, we must work to create a world where women can walk freely at any time of the day or night without fear, harassment or attack.

”We are working with our partners to make this vision a reality and we will not rest until we have achieved our goal.”

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