Investment in housing estates improves environment for residents

A review of the standards of cleanliness, security and safety of housing estates and how they can be improved for residents, has been completed by Enfield Council.

An increase in domestic waste in Enfield - and across London - during the COVID-19 pandemic, has led to a review and subsequent investment in extra staff, which has provided significant opportunities to improve the service.

A recent redesign of waste disposal areas on housing estates means the Council has been able to improve waste facilities for residents.

Noticeable improvements have been made to the cleanliness of bin storage areas, including communal parts of estates and playgrounds.

The Council has acted on the feedback it has received from residents around fly-tipping and waste disposal and has improved rubbish collections to many estates.

The borough has already seen improvements at Constable House in Ayley Croft and Hoe Lane where fly tips have been removed.

By improving the collection service for waste and recycling by clearing everything from the bin storage areas leaving them clean and tidy, the authority can manage waste levels better and discourage dumping and fly tipping. The programme has already started and is making a big difference.

The Council will carry-out enforcement for those who fly tip through its dedicated enforcement staff, assisted by CCTV and resident feedback.

An increase in resource means the authority will be visiting estates on a more regular basis, to ensure regular reviews of grounds maintenance such as making sure grass verges, flowerbeds, bushes and trees are well cared for.

Additionally, estate caretakers will ensure common parts of estates are kept tidy by delivering a programme that includes the cleaning of communal entrances, lobbies, lifts, balconies, exits, stairs, doors, glass, floors, landings, bin rooms, hallways and areas outside of all flats.

The deep cleaning programme will also include litter picking and the reporting any bulk refuse and graffiti removal. Bin rooms and gulleys will be deep cleaned on an annual basis.

In communal areas of estates, grass will be cut every 10 working days during the cutting season (March to October), leaves will be cleared once a year at the end of leaf fall, shrub beds will be maintained twice a year and weeds growing on all hard surfaces on Council housing land will be sprayed.

A new window cleaning programme will be in operation for the 623 low rise blocks and 52 towers.

Cllr Gina Needs, Cabinet Member for Social Housing at Enfield Council, said: “It’s important that we listen to and work together with residents to get on top of waste management on our estates, which is why we are working closely with resident groups, associations and individuals to communicate helpful information about waste disposal and recycling.

“A clean, safe and well-maintained living environment is important to our tenants. The appearance of an estate or group of homes enhances wellbeing and provides a positive living environment which is why we have further invested in the maintenance and cleanliness of our housing estates.”

The Council’s Housing management team in collaboration with colleagues in the public realm department have assessed options to substantially improve standards across the borough, both in the short term and longer term. Additionally, residents have been consulted and have become more involved through a pilot of the Council’s standards on monitoring app, Housemark.

Each estate has an allocated patch officer and manager, who will manage all reports of low level anti-social behaviour on Council-owned and managed estates.

Residents can help by disposing of their waste in the correct bins, reporting fly tipping and any defects and repairs needed to communal areas on their estates.

The Council takes rubbish dumping seriously and will issue fixed penalty notices to those who disregard the environment and fellow residents.

The neighbourhood team will work in close partnership with the Council’s community safety unit, the police and diverse partners within the community to minimise anti-social behaviour and crime.

The Council has a clear approach to anti-social behaviour and where proven and will take tough action against anti-social behaviour or illegal acts, including domestic abuse, hate crime, physical violence, severe damage to property and other serious criminal acts.

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