Housing boost to Enfield residents

Enfield Council has sold 13 new homes to residents after redeveloping the sites of former garages in the borough.

The sale of the homes in Padstow Road, Hedge Hill and Perry Mead have raised more than £2 million profit which will help to subsidise the construction of 15 Council homes in Ordnance Road.

Enfield Council’s Leader, Cllr Nesil Caliskan, said: “There is a shortage of genuinely affordable housing in Enfield and it is positive news that the Council is thinking outside the box and finding creative ways of fitting homes into locations which may not have been considered a few years ago.

“The development has benefited both first time buyers and social tenants and demonstrate our commitment to providing enough new homes for our residents through a wide range of different sized developments.

”We are following the principles of ‘good growth’ that means finding solutions to the housing problems we have that are practical, scaleable and appropriate for our neighbourhoods and communities.

“We know we need to provide more housing but we also understand that new developments need to be right for our existing residents as well as the people benefiting from the new properties. We have a commitment to improve the quality of life for both new and existing residents and we are determined to do right by everyone.”

Enfield Council is proceeding with a number of large scale building schemes including the £315 million regeneration of the Alma estate, the £6 billion Meridian Water development and the £50 million Electric Quarter development.

The Council will also start to consult on the new draft local plan in the near future which aims to tackle the housing crisis in Enfield, addressing a range of housing issues including improving the supply of genuinely affordable high-quality family homes for hard working Enfield residents, helping to get young people on the housing ladder and eradicating the need for costly temporary accommodation.

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