Four years of inclusive cycling in Enfield

Enfield’s Inclusive Cycling Scheme has celebrated its fourth birthday with a ride through Bush Hill Park to showcase some of its regular riders.

Since starting the scheme in June 2014, Enfield has seen between 200 and 300 people turn up for the free sessions every month with the oldest users in their 90s.

Run by the Independence & Wellbeing Service, a wholly owned Council Company, the programme is in part designed to give people who cannot ride a conventional two-wheeled bike the opportunity to still experience cycling.

The scheme provides adapted cycles to suit a variety of different needs.  Three and four wheeled cycles are available as well as tandems for those who may need additional support. Wheel chair users are also catered for.

Open to all in Enfield, many have used the scheme to take regular exercise and to socialise.  As a non-weight-bearing form of exercise, cycling can be done by almost everyone.

Enfield Council’s Cabinet Member for Health and Social Care, Cllr Alev Cazimoglu, said: “This well-loved service launched four years ago and is open to a wide variety of people; from those who wish to socialise and get fit to others who want to have the opportunity to feel the sensory aspect of cycling and gain some independence. I would like to extend my thanks to the Friends of Bush Hill Park, support workers and carers who assist every week with this fantastic scheme.

“Enfield Council is committed to promoting cycling throughout the borough by providing training and safe, accessible routes. We will continue to work with organisations such as schools and friends of parks groups as well as health and well-being organisations to ensure all residents can have access to these opportunities.”

The Inclusive Cycling Scheme’s success owes a lot to the volunteers that help week in, week out. If you would like to help, please call 020 8379 3273 for details.

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