Enfield Council signs up to Dying to Work Charter

Enfield Council has signed up to a charter which supports and protects staff who are diagnosed with a terminal illness.

Enfield Council has backed the TUC's Dying to Work Campaign and signed a charter setting out how staff diagnosed with a terminal illness will be supported.

The charter was signed by the Leader of Enfield Council, Cllr Doug Taylor, today (Tuesday 13 March).

It reads:

"This charter sets out an agreed way in which our employees will be supported, protected and guided throughout their employment, following a terminal diagnosis.

  • We recognise that terminal illness requires support and understanding and not additional and avoidable stress and worry.
  • Terminally ill workers will be secure in the knowledge that we will support them following their diagnosis and we recognise that, safe and reasonable work can help maintain dignity, offer a valuable distraction and can be therapeutic in itself
  • We will provide our employees with the security of work, peace of mind and the right to choose the best course of action for themselves and their families which helps them through this challenging period with dignity and without undue financial loss
  • We support the TUC's Dying to Work Campaign so that all employees battling terminal illness have adequate employment protection and have their death in service benefits protected for the loved ones they leave behind.

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