Enfield Council lights the way

A new project which will save money and reduce carbon emissions by replacing the borough's street lights with energy efficient LED lamps has been agreed by Enfield Council.

The £6.375m project will generate savings of £382,000 a year in reduced energy and maintenance costs once fully implemented and will reduce light pollution.

The new lamps used will emit a white light which is similar to the environmental conditions of daylight and will help both motorists and pedestrians see more clearly at night and could help reduce accidents, as well as improving the general feeling of safety.

The lights will be individually controlled using a new central management system which will enable the council to adapt the amount of light given off by individual lamp columns and be able to address complaints from residents being kept awake at night by bright lights.

Enfield Council's Cabinet Member for Environment, Cllr Guney Dogan, said: “We're using smart technology to make our street lighting greener, more energy efficient and more sensitive to the needs of residents - and save the Council money at a time when we need to be ever more careful with our limited resources because of reductions in government funding and increasing pressure on services.

“We are committed to delivering flexible, practical and agile services which meet the needs of our residents in the most efficient way possible and our new street lighting arrangements will deliver a wide range of benefits to both the borough and its residents.”

Enfield Council's Cabinet approved the replacement of the borough's existing lights at its cabinet meeting on 12 June, the decision is subject to call in.

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