Electric Quarter set for second phase

Councillors have agreed to give the second phase of the Electric Quarter project the green light, leading to 106 more new homes being built, 31 of which would be affordable.

Enfield Council’s Cabinet members have recommended the start of the next stage of the £50m Electric Quarter redevelopment which will provide a total of 167 homes, several shops and a community space to create a “heart” for Ponders End High Street.

Along with the new homes, there will be more than 750 square metres of community space ear-marked for a library and nursery, 1,349 square metres of commercial and retail space and new access roads, car parking and landscaping.

Enfield Council’s Leader, Cllr Nesil Caliskan, said: “The regeneration of Ponders End High Street will be truly transformational and the provision of housing is central to this. By tackling poverty through high-quality and varied housing, we will be able to support the community, attract new investment, enhance the quality of life for residents and increase civic pride.”

Developed with Lovell Partnerships Ltd., the first phase of the scheme has already delivered 40 new family-sized houses with more than half already occupied. A further 21 affordable flats for social rent are nearing completion. In addition, Enfield Council’s energy company, trading as Energetik, will be connecting all 167 homes of the development with the Ponders End community heat network. At the same time, significant improvements are being made to the surrounding area and the high street in particular.

To find out more on the Electric Quarter and other regeneration projects in Enfield, see our Ponders End page. More on Energetik can be found at www.energetik.london.

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