Dugdale Centre used as an NHS Vaccination Centre

Enfield Council has agreed to allow the NHS to use the Dugdale Centre as a vaccination centre to help in the fight against coronavirus.

An Enfield Council spokesperson said: "The Dugdale Centre is currently being used as a coronavirus vaccination centre by the NHS and will not be reopening for cultural purposes until further notice.

"Enfield Council is doing everything we can to support the NHS with the roll out of the vaccine and we are pleased the Dugdale Centre is being used.

“The use of the building as a vaccination centre will have no impact on our long term plans for the building or the services housed there and will play a vital role in the battle against coronavirus in Enfield.”

The provision of culture will continue despite the change of use of the Dugdale Centre. The Museum of Enfield has exhibition material in Edmonton Green Library, Ordnance Road Library, Palmers Green library and Forty Hall.

Dugdale officers are working on exciting plans to maintain the Dugdale spirit and provide creative opportunities for residents as soon as restrictions allow.

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