Bush Hill Park by-election results

Here are the results of the Bush Hill Park by-election, held on Thursday 22 November 2018.

The votes cast in the Bush Hill Park by-election are as follows:

James Andrew Hockney (The Conservative Party): 1,540 votes, 52.4%

Bevin Betton (Labour Party): 828 votes, 28.2%

Robert John Wilson (Liberal Democrats): 313 votes, 10.7%

Benjamin Charles Maydon (Green Party): 127 votes, 4.3%

Tulip Hambleton (Women's Equality Party): 79 votes, 2.7%

Erol Ovayolu (Independent Member): 50 votes, 1.7%

James Andrew Hockney is therefore the duly elected member for Bush Hill Park ward.

In all 2,937 votes were cast and the turn out was 27.9 per cent.

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