Beavers to get a home extension with £50,000 funding

Adult Beaver in flooded area Archers Wood

The Enfield family of beavers will be getting a larger home, after Enfield Council, in partnership with Capel Manor College secured £50,000 funding from the third round of the Rewild London Fund.

The funding will go towards upgrading and expanding the beaver site, additional signage, water quality testing, monitoring cameras and a viewing platform to allow nature enthusiasts, schools and others to visit the area and potentially catch a glimpse of Enfield’s most famous, furry residents.

The London Wildlife Trust, in partnership with the Mayor of London, is supporting projects which will enhance and restore London Sites of Importance for Nature Conservation, to deliver targets related to the London Environment Strategy. These sites make up London’s wildlife network and are a core focus when taking action to rewild and recover nature in the city.

Enfield Council introduced a pair of beavers to Archers Wood in Forty Hall Estate in March 2022. In September 2023 a baby beaver, known as a kit was born and the three beavers continue to thrive.

Enfield Council’s Cabinet Member for Environment, Cllr Rick Jewell, said: “As the family of beavers has settled in, we now hope to upgrade and expand the site to improve monitoring, public engagement, to increase conservation efforts and to provide a larger and improved habitat for the beavers and surrounding wildlife.

“This will positively contribute to other efforts by Enfield Council to create a climate resilient area, protecting homes from flooding, increasing biodiversity and contributing positively to the Council’s climate action agenda.”

Meg Wilson, Animal Collection Manager at Capel Manor College said: "As well as this being a great opportunity to be able to expand the beaver site providing the beavers with more habitat to use, we are excited to be able to educate further on this project both within our college and the community."

Enfield Council launched London’s first beaver reintroduction programme in 2022, bringing beavers back to the capital for the first time in 400 years. Since their reintroduction, there is clear evidence of their flood management efforts, with visible dam building within the existing enclosure. You can watch videos of the beavers, captured on special motion sensor cameras, on the Council’s YouTube channel.

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