Gritting vehicles ready for cold weather conditions


Enfield Council is prepared for the cold winter weather with its gritting vehicles ready for action.

A mountain of 1,100 tonnes of gritting salt is in stock at the Council’s Morson Road depot in readiness.

The Council has a Winter Maintenance Plan that includes the spreading of grit on carriageways, footways and public highways, to prevent ice from forming, to melt ice and if necessary clear snow already formed after salting; and removing snow under extreme conditions from the highway network and key locations across the borough.

Cabinet Member for Environment at Enfield Council, Cllr Rick Jewell, visited the depot this week to find out more about how Enfield’s winter plan will be actioned.

Cllr Rick Jewell said: “Every winter we prepare months in advance for the cold snap and are ready for our operatives and fleet of gritters to take to the roads when needed.

“Every time one of our fleet of gritters leaves the depot, it spreads grit on approximately 129 miles of the borough’s network to help keep residents, drivers and pedestrians safe.”

The priority areas for gritting is the carriageways including principal roads, main commuter routes, all bus routes, emergency services facilities and access to main industrial areas.

A change in weather can happen at any time, so the Council is currently monitoring the weather forecast 24-hours a day. Gritting takes place from 1 November 2023 to 31 March 2024.

Click here to find out more about the Council's Winter Maintenance Plan

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