Upgrade to walking and cycling route in Ponders End

Ponders End

Enfield Council has upgraded a section of the A1010 High Street in Ponders End to improve the experience for people walking and cycling.

A new cycling and street walking route has been installed and the route connects the previously completed sections of Cycleway 1 along the A1010, to the north to Freezy Water and to the south to Edmonton.

The project area route runs from the High Street outside the Ponders End Park to Tesco and opposite Eagle House Surgery.

Two new zebra crossings have been introduced to support people walking in the area, and the road layout has improved to allow vehicles to pass buses when stopping at bus stops.

Bus stops have been upgraded to provide more room for bus passengers and people walking and cycling, and the cycle lanes are visibly marked along the route.

The road has been resurfaced using warm mix asphalt which uses less energy when manufactured compared to traditional road surfacing materials, reducing the carbon footprint of the process.

The speed limit along the High Street has been reduced to 20mph to improve safety.

Cabinet Member for Environment at Enfield Council, Cllr Rick Jewell, visited Ponders End High Street to see the improvement works that took four months to complete.

Cllr Rick Jewell said: “I would like to say thank you to all residents and business owners who shared their views and feedback during the consultation process which has helped to shape the Council’s decisions on the improvements.

“I am delighted that the work has now been completed and I can already see how the improvements will enhance the journeys of people walking and cycling in the High Street.”

Two new rain gardens have also been installed to sustainably manage rainwater and bring greenery to the high street.

Resin bound material has been laid around some of the trees which is a material that enables the trees to absorb water but also enables a smoother surface on the footway.

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