Advice on coronavirus testing and new Tier 4 restrictions at Christmas

We need all the borough's residents to take precaution to prevent the spread of coronavirus and help stop Tier 3 restrictions being imposed on London.

Enfield has been designated as a Tier 4 area, with additional restrictions in place from Sunday 20 December imposed, to slow the spread of coronavirus in London.

They mean you must stay at home, all non-essential shops will be forced to close and you are limited to meeting one person from another household in an outdoor space - such as a park - at once.

Christmas bubble arrangements have been cancelled for Tier 4 areas - including Enfield and you must not travel except for essential purposes such as work (but work from home if you can, or educational purposes).

We're appealing for all Enfield residents not to let their mask slip. When you leave home - for essential reasons only, please wear your face covering throughout your trip.

We all want to return to normality, and this is most keenly felt at this festive time of year. All Londoners must step up their efforts to keep each other safe. Wash your hands. Cover your face. Make space.

If you have the symptoms of coronavirus, a new continuous cough, a high temperature or a loss or change to your sense of taste or smell, you must self isolate and book a test.

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