Healthy streets


The majority of our trips, approximately 80%, take place on local streets. Enhancing the quality of these streets is the most effective strategy for encouraging more people to engage in walking, cycling, and utilizing public transportation.

The Healthy Streets Approach prioritizes the creation of streets that are enjoyable, secure, and appealing, thereby removing obstacles such as noise, air pollution, limited accessibility, and insufficient seating and shelter. By addressing these concerns, we can ensure that all individuals, especially those who are most vulnerable, are not hindered from going out and being active in their communities.

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Related reports

The Mayor of London and TfL have created a Healthy streets for London report setting the guidelines the Healthy Streets Approach.

The Centre for Housing Policy at York University has published an independent report on Lifetime Neighbourhoods. These are places designed to be inclusive regardless of age or disability.

Enfield Council has launched a community toilet scheme to provide clean, safe and accessible public toilets in more convenient locations.

National tools

Wider Determinants of Health Fingertips Tool - includes data and analyses on natural and environment factors that impacts on people’s health (Public Health England).