Role of schools in supporting immunisation

Role of schools in supporting immunisation

Education and childcare settings have a vital role to play to support the routine immunisation programme through sharing of information with parents and caregivers at key points.

School Age Immunisation Services (SAIS) 

School Age Immunisation Services (SAIS) providers are commissioned by NHS England (NHSE) to deliver the school-based immunisation programmes. Where vaccination visits have been most successful, the team and the setting or school nurse have worked in close partnership, respecting each other’s different roles and responsibilities whilst working flexibly and planning together.

The setting supports the immunisation programme by hosting the SAIS team and helping them with aspects of the vaccination process, including:

For more information on the vaccination schedule, step-by-step guide to school based immunisations, staff immunisations and immunisation for outbreak and response visit GOV.UK


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