Understanding a decision

Disagreements with council policies or decisions cannot be appealed. However, you can request further information about why a decision has been made.

Understanding your planning decision

If your planning application has been refused or you don’t understand why the decision has been made, contact the case officer. To contact the case officer, find your planning application and select the 'further information' tab.

You can complain about the decision making process, but not the planning decision.

Rights of appeal exist for the applicant, but not for neighbours or local residents. Details of the appeal process can be found at GOV.UK - appeal or search for a planning decision or notice.

Housing allocation reviews

Applicants who are unhappy with a decision made under the allocations scheme should make a request for a formal review of the decision. Applicants should email housingreviews@enfield.gov.uk within 28 days of receiving notification of the decision.

In these cases, the applicant will be invited to make a written submission stating the reasons for their request for a review. The council will seek any further information required, including advice from medical and other specialist advisors.

Formal reviews will be conducted by a review officer who will notify the applicant of the outcome of the review including the reasons for their decision within 56 days. Where required, the review officer may agree to extend the 56-day review period. Any agreement will be agreed in writing with the applicant.

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