Neighbourhoods Project Hub

Current consultation
Start date:
13 July 2022
Closing date:
31 December 2023


We would like to hear your views on a variety of neighbourhoods projects, such as those relating to 'quieter neighbourhoods' and 'school streets'.

Quieter Neighbourhoods is a borough wide programme, which aims, among other things, to reduce the volume of motor traffic in residential neighbourhoods, reduce the speeds that people drive at on our residential streets and reduce the ability for people driving to 'rat run' through residential streets.

A School Street is an area transformed into a pedestrian and cycling zone outside of a school. School Streets operate from Monday to Friday during the school term only at set times at drop-off (morning) and pick-up (afternoon). Roads remain open to pedestrians, cyclists and those who are exempt from the closure. For example; residents of the street, approved pupil transport vehicles, Blue Badge holders who require access to the school, and essential vehicles such as the emergency services and waste vehicles.

On our Neighbourhood Projects webpage on Let's Talk Enfield (link to website), you will be able to access the following:

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