Draft Local Validations List 2023

Closed consultation
Start date:
06 March 2023
Closing date:
01 May 2023


We asked for your views on the updated Local Validation Requirements List, which set out the information which must be submitted as part of planning applications.

View the draft householder validation list (PDF) and the draft all other applications validation list (PDF).

What is the Local Validation Requirements List for planning applications?

The document set out the level of information required by the local planning authority to support a planning application. The Local Validation Requirements List aims to:

Who could participate  

Those who live, work and study in the borough, as well as representatives from the voluntary and community sector and any other organisations.

How you could share your views

Via email sent to planning.support@enfield.gov.uk.

Closing date

Monday, 1 May 2023 (5.00pm)

Further information

If you have any queries about this consultation, please email planning.support@enfield.gov.uk.

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