A1010 South Experimental Traffic Orders

Closed consultation
Start date:
01 January 2021
Closing date:
01 January 2021

The Council would like comments in regard to the experimental traffic orders in place along the A1010 South.

Details of the consultation

The Cycle Enfield scheme along the A1010 South is now nearing completion, offering new and improved facilities for people to walk and cycle safely.

Some specific elements of the scheme are supported by experimental traffic orders so that we can assess their impact further, consider representations and make amendments if necessary.

A six month period has now commenced during which anyone may object to the orders continuing indefinitely. Taking into account any representations received, the Council will then consider whether the experimental traffic orders should be made permanent.

How the consultation was delivered

Online form

Those who were invited to participate

All residents

Closing date

4 September 2019


To find out the results and how the Council plans to do in response to the feedback, please email cycle@enfield.gov.uk

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