Annual General Meeting videos

Videos for members and new joiners

A compilation of our Annual General Meeting (AGM) videos offer guidance and information on the Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS). The videos highlight the various features of the scheme and offer insights and information on our yearly AGM.

As a vital component of public service benefits, the LGPS provides valuable retirement provisions for employees of local authorities and associated organisations across the UK.

Councillor Doug Taylor

An introduction to the Enfield Pension Fund AGM.

Tim O'Connor

Information on the administrative side of the Pension Fund.

Jeremy Hughes

Updates on the Local Government Pension fund including, investments and Sharia Law compliance.

Hymans Robertson

Actuarial updates highlighting the financial risk analysis of Pension fund investments.

Ravi Lakhani

Information on where your Pension fund is invested and how the fund is performing.

Councillor Doug Taylor

Pension Policy updates.

Pauline Katlis

Information on how the Pension Board protects Pension investments.


Frequently asked questions regarding pensions.

AGM Q and A

A live discourse with the audience presenting the questions they have regarding the pension fund.