Fostering support and events

Supporting foster carers

To help you prepare for becoming a foster carer, we offer support at every stage of the application process and in your role as a foster carer. This includes access to regular support groups and regular visits from your dedicated supervising social worker, to provide you with continuing support and guidance for fostering.

We also offer free training for foster carers to help you prepare, as well as ongoing training opportunities including online training to help you build on your skills.

In addition to a maintenance allowance for the child, there is a generous allowance for you which is linked to your attendance at training.

Evening and weekend out of hours support and advice is always available to foster carers, and you will have access to Enfield’s Emergency Duty Team, which is a 24-hour service to assist carers with emergencies that may occur.

We have a psychologist who works with foster carers when challenges arise. This includes facilitation of therapeutic support group for carers. Our Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service also provides consultation, advice and therapeutic support to children.

After becoming a foster carer, you can join the Enfield Fostering Association, which is run by foster carers. The Association works in partnership with us to promote the interests of Enfield’s foster carers and foster children.

As a foster carer, we sign you up to be a member of the independent charity Fostering Network, which offers:

Foster carers will receive an allowance to look after children in their care, as well as a fee to recognise the skills they offer the child. Payment is made directly into the carer’s bank account. These allowances mean that carers have the funds to care for children and a financial reward for themselves. Foster carers are not employed by Enfield and a fostering allowance will not affect benefit claims.

Upcoming events

Our fostering information drop-in sessions allow you to talk informally with an experienced member of our team and one of our foster carers. We hold recruitment events in various venues across Enfield. You can receive the latest information about our events from our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn pages. Or you can check our events page.