Children who need fostering

A child sitting in a park with his arm around another child

It is important for us to find foster carers in Enfield who can help maintain stability in the lives and relationships of young people. We are interested in hearing from individuals and families from all backgrounds, who can offer a safe and stable home life.

Types of fostering

Babies and children under two

Babies and children under two are often fostered while they are preparing for adoption or a return to their family home. Fostering a young child is very rewarding, as you can see them develop and thrive in a short time.

Children with disabilities

Children with disabilities can include autism, learning difficulties, physical difficulties and complex health needs. The fostering service recruits, trains and helps foster carers to support the needs of children with disabilities. Parents of children with a disability often provide intensive care and may need regular breaks. We welcome applications from people who have experience and enjoy caring for disabled children and young people.

Remand foster carers

Remand foster carers provide short-term care for 10 to 17 year olds, who are waiting for a case to be resolved in Youth Court. The placement can be from one night to a few months. When looking after a young person on remand, you will need to accompany them to court appearances and make sure they adhere to bail conditions. It is an advantage if foster carers have experience of teenagers and the youth criminal justice system. In addition to standard foster carer training, remand foster carers will receive specialist training from the Youth Offending team, to help young people manage the court system and make positive changes to their life.


Siblings must be placed in foster care together. It is very important they are not separated. If you feel you can provide care for more than one child, get in touch.


Teenagers need foster carers who are tolerant, patient and flexible. You will need to set clear and consistent boundaries, and really listen to make sense of any concerns or issues they have. This short film from Fostering Consortium Enfield features carers and care leavers discussing their positive experiences and the differences that can be made to a young person’s life.

Young parents

Young parents sometimes need support to help raise their children. We are seeking foster carers who can provide a home to care for both parent and child.