Help with food if you can’t afford it

Many voluntary and community organisations are offering help with food for Enfield’s diverse community. If you need urgent food supplies and can’t afford them, you can:

You could also try the OLIO food sharing app, a free app allowing neighbours to offer perfectly good, unwanted food to each other. Everything shared on OLIO is free. They have also developed safe sharing ‘no-contact pickups’ in response to COVID-19.

Food banks

To view food banks in your area, zoom into the map below and click on the blue pins.

Online food deliveries

If you need to self-isolate and can't get to the shops, you can book an online food delivery through a supermarket:

If you can’t use online food deliveries

Some supermarkets offer special services for people to order food over the phone if you're unable to access online deliveries.

Options you can try include: