Coronavirus (COVID-19) testing in Enfield

COVID-19 testing in Enfield is available at both walk-in rapid test centres, and through appointments booked online. The type of test you need will depend on whether you have symptoms of coronavirus.

This includes both local sites and sites outside Enfield.

Choosing the right test – do you have symptoms?

If you have coronavirus symptoms, you should book online for a COVID-19 test. For information about how to do this, read the ‘Book a COVID-19 test’ section below.

If you do not have coronavirus symptoms and still want to be tested, you should use a rapid lateral flow testing kit. If you get a positive lateral flow test result, you may not need to take a PCR test to confirm the result, but you should self-isolate immediately.

You can order rapid lateral flow testing kits online for home delivery by visiting GOV.UK. Currently, there is high demand for home delivery of testing kits.

Alternatively, testing kits can be collected from your local pharmacy. You can find the nearest pharmacy that has availability on NHS.UK.

Our friendly distribution team will also be continuing to give out testing kits around the borough seven days a week.

If you are not sure which COVID-19 test you need, you can find out more at NHS.UK.

Book a COVID-19 test

For people with symptoms

You should book a COVID-19 test if you have at least one of the most common coronavirus symptoms:

If you have any of these symptoms, you must isolate immediately for seven days. Don't wait for a test or a test result.

If you test positive for COVID-19 or are contacted by NHS Test and Trace, it's a legal requirement to self-isolate.

Anyone who tests positive will be able to leave self-isolation seven days after the date of their initial positive test if they receive two negative lateral flow test results, 24 hours apart, on days six and seven.

Failure to follow these requirements, including employers who don't allow employees to self-isolate, may result in a fine of at least £1,000 and up to £10,000 for a repeated or serious offence. Full guidance on self-isolation is available on GOV.UK - stay at home guidance.

To book a COVID-19 test visit GOV.UK/get-coronavirus-test.

When not to book online for a test

Remember, you should not book online for a COVID-19 test if:

We all need to play our part to protect the NHS Test and Trace service for those who really need it.

COVID-19 testing sites in Enfield

For people with symptoms

You can book appointments for several COVID-19 testing sites in Enfield:

Lee Valley Athletics Park, N9 0AR. View on a map

Edmonton Green (North car park), N9 0SN. View on a map

Lodge Drive Car Park, Palmers Green, N13 5UB. View on a map

Raynham Road Car Park, Edmonton, N18 2SJ. View on a map

Boleyn Hall, enter via St Martin's Close, EN1 4HP. View on a map

Important information about COVID-19 testing centres

The booking portal can become very busy as there is high demand for appointments. If you don't have coronavirus symptoms, you should not book a test.

Bookings will only become available after 8pm the night before the day you want to visit. If you try to book before this it may result in your closest test centre not being displayed.

Testing centres operate by appointment only. One appointment is required per person. For example, if there are four people in one car that want to be tested, four appointments must be booked.

If you don't have an appointment, you are likely to be turned away and told to make an appointment online.

Appointments are for drive-in and walk-in. When booking a walk-in appointment, you will still be asked to enter a car registration. Select 'unknown' to continue with your booking.