Cycle Enfield

Children cycling in Enfield

Cycle Enfield is our borough’s response to Enfield’s increasing traffic congestion, and one of the highest rates of childhood obesity in London.

It’s an initiative aimed at providing safe cycling routes for residents and commuters across Enfield, encouraging more people to cycle, particularly for short journeys.

Cycle Enfield aims to:

The scheme is funded by a substantial grant from the Mayor of London and Transport for London through the Mini Holland programme.

New cycling routes and infrastructure

We have already delivered a significant cycling infrastructure programme along the A105 Green Lanes. We are now in the process of creating a similar project along the A1010 Hertford Road. There are also various other connecting routes through parks and open spaces, away from busy roads.

To support our new infrastructure, we are delivering a programme that includes:

For more information about how to get involved, visit Cycle Enfield.

Cycle Parking

To express interest in a secure cycle parking space in an existing bike hangar unit, you can apply for a space in a bike hangar at Let’s Talk Enfield. If there is space available within your preferred unit you will be allocated a space. The cost is £12 for twelve months, plus a £25 key deposit. If there are no spaces available, you will be added to the waiting list for that unit.

We also welcome suggestions from residents for new cycle parking facilities, including cycle stands, residential bike hangars and estate bike hangars. Submit your request through the request new cycle parking form at Let’s Talk Enfield.

Quieter Neighbourhoods scheme

The related Quieter Neighbourhoods (QN) scheme is also funded through the same programme. This is about us working with residents to make their streets quieter and safer. By introducing a range of measures, like lower speed limit QNs, we encourage drivers to be considerate to pedestrians and help build respect for the areas where you live and your children play.