Bury Street West

Bury Street West artist's impression

In February 2020 planning permission was given for the redevelopment of a former depot site at Bury Street West. The site, comprising of derelict buildings and hard standing, has been neglected for many years and attracted antisocial behaviour. Although the site is set within an area classified Metropolitan
Open Land, the site itself is classified as previously developed brownfield land.

The surrounding area is urban, but the development site lies within a pocket of open green space, including a park, wetland nature reserve and bowls club. The development will be suburban in nature, comprising of 50 high-quality semi-detached houses:

Given the setting, the homes will look like simple barn like structures within a field. Towards the south of the site, next to Salmon’s Brook and the wetland, will be a large natural meadow seeded and left to colonise with native plants and animals. This will act as a buffer to protect the wildlife
of the brook and wetland. Within the meadow will be areas of natural play for children.

Protecting wildlife is always a concern when building homes within such locations. Ecology surveys have taken place for:

No special habitats have been identified within these studies. However, kingfisher habitats will be enhanced through increased tree planting along the bank of Salmon's Brook.

Bird and bat boxes will be put in place within the development. Cut down trees will be placed in the meadow to provide invertebrate habitats.