Housing Ombudsman Complaint Handling Code

The Housing Ombudsman published a new Complaint Handling Code in July 2020.

The code provides a framework for the rapid resolution of complaints, makes it clear what customers can expect and helps landlords learn from complaints to improve services.

At Enfield, we welcome the new Complaint Handling Code and have completed the Housing Ombudsman’s self-assessment against the code (PDF).

We are pleased to say that we are already complying with the code in many areas but there is some room for improvement, which is set out in the action plan (PDF).

We aim to deliver a positive customer experience but things do sometimes go wrong. When this happens and you want us to do something about it, please let us know. In the same way, if you think we have done a great job, we’d like to know that as well, so we can pass this on to the people who’ve delivered that service.

See more information about making a complaint.