Pay your Council Tax

Direct Debit

Over 70,000 people in Enfield pay their Council Tax monthly by Direct Debit. It’s the easiest way to pay and means your bill will always be paid on time, even if changes are made to your instalments. You just pick a payment date that suits you (1st, 11th, 21st or 28th of the month) and your payment is automatically debited from your account each month.

Pay Council Tax by Direct Debit

If you fall behind on Council Tax payments you may lose the right to pay by instalments and have to pay the annual balance in full. You may also be charged up to £400 in court and enforcement agent costs if the debt remains unpaid. Paying by Direct Debit ensures this does not happen.

Direct Debit payments are protected by a guarantee and can be cancelled at any time if you would like to pay in a different way.

Single payments

As well as setting up a Direct Debit, you can use the website to make single Council Tax payments by debit or credit card.

Make a Council Tax payment

To pay by phone, call 020 8379 1000 and select option one.

In person at your bank

You can make a payment at your bank, but this can take up to four working days for the payment to reach your Council Tax account.

In person at PayPoint retailers

You can pay your Council Tax at any PayPoint retailer. You will need to take your bill with you as it has a barcode which will make sure your payment is processed directly to your account.

Many retailers will accept cash or card, and you will be given a receipt. There is no charge to use this service.

When using PayPoint, remember that:

Standing order

You can set up a standing order from your bank account using the following details:

Sort code: 40 20 23
Account number: 81228307

You will need to supply your Council Tax account number. It can take up to ten working days for your payment to reach your Council Tax account.


When you receive your first bill for each year you can ask to make your payments across twelve months, instead of the usual ten. This will mean that you will pay less each month. You can also ask for weekly payments if you get any benefits or Council Tax Support.