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Customer Service Excellence Standard

The 5 main criteria that are required to meet the Customer Service Excellence Standard are:

Customer Insight
Effectively identifying your customers, consulting them in a meaningful way and efficiently measuring the outcomes of your service are a vital part of this approach. It's not just about being able to collect information; it's about having the ability to use that information.

The Culture of the Organisation
Is challenging for an organisation to build and foster a truly customer focused culture. To cultivate and embed this there must be a commitment to it throughout an organisation, from the strategic leader to the front-line staff.

Information and Access
Customers value accurate and comprehensive information that is delivered or available through the most appropriate channel for them. Putting your customer first can be an important step towards providing effective communications.

How you achieve your business aims, the outcomes for your customers and how problems are managed can determine your organisation's success. Listening to your customers views about the service provided can be just as important as achieving key performance targets. Comments, feedback and complaints from customers can help you to make vital adjustments to the way your organisation runs which can support better delivery.

Timeliness and Quality of Service
The promptness of initial contact and keeping to agreed timescales is crucial to your customers satisfaction. However speed can be achieved at the expense of quality, therefore the issue of timeliness has to be combined with quality of service to ensure the best possible result for customers.

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