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A to Z of services

Services for council tenants and leaseholders

Enfield HomesEnfield Council has transferred the day-to-day management of Council Housing Services to Enfield Homes, an Arm's Length Management Organisation (ALMO) owned and monitored by the Council.

Enfield Homes is run by a Board made up of residents, councillors and independent experts. This means anything to do with the maintenance, appearance and upkeep of your council property is managed by Enfield Homes.

Enfield HomesEnfield Homes provides a variety of online services to Enfield Council's tenants and leaseholders. Details of services for tenants and leaseholders can be found on the Enfield Homes website. Also, you will find important information about the Govenment's changes to Welfare Reform

Keep updated on Service Delivery Performance. Enfield Homes is used to let Enfield's properties excluding specialist homes that are or can be adapted for disabled use.

Home Connections

Home Connections

Homes available to be let are advertised in the Enfield Independent and via Enfield Homes on the Connections Choice Based Lettings website.

Housing Options and Advice

Housing support