**NOTE : 21st February 2019 – this website is currently under review**

Message from the Chair

Welcome to the Enfield Safeguarding Children Board website

The role of the Enfield Safeguarding Children Board is to safeguard and promote the well-being of children and young people.

The information on this website has been produced with our partner agencies, all of whom have a shared responsibility for promoting and ensuring the well-being and safety of children in Enfield. The Board hopes that you find the information on the site helpful and informative whether you are a child young person, carer or an interested member of the public and that it will help you to support the protection of children and young people in Enfield.

The key message is simple – if you’re concerned about a child, don’t keep it to yourself, tell somebody.

Geraldine Gavin, Independent Chair, Enfield Safeguarding Children Board