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Mobile Phone Apps to download

Published: Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Mobile Phone Apps to download

We now have a page dedicated to mobile phone apps that can be downloaded to your phone for quick and easier access to information and advice.

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Mobile phone apps to download now:

Youth Enfield: For Android phone users, the Youth Enfield website can be downloaded as an app which gives you free, quick and easy access to information readily available on the website with a click of a button.

C-Card: Can be downloaded from Google Play and the App Store and allows you to find outlets that offer free condoms in Enfield as well as giving you information about the services provided. This app also let's you enter your card number so that it can be used as a 'virtual' card on your phone. This means you don't need to remember to bring your card with you.

NHS Go: A new health app designed for young people by young people aged 16-24. It can be downloaded from Google Play and the App Store and provides 24/7 access to health information and advice for free. The app also allows you to search for local services and includes a section on what your rights are under the NHS.

To find out more information and download these apps, visit our mobile phone apps page now!