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Be safe on the streets

Community Help Point Scheme

If you are out and about in Enfield and feel unsafe for any reason look out for the Community Help Point Scheme (CHiPS) logo in local shops and businesses.

Community Help Point Scheme

During their opening hours you can go in to these premises and ask for help if you are lost, worried, or have been the victim of crime, bullying or intimidation.

You can sit and wait until the danger has passed or make a telephone call to get assistance.

All local libraries and leisure centres are part of the scheme and you can go on to the Youth Engagement Panel website Children’s Trust website find out more about the scheme or to note which premises are on your route to school or out of school activities. Alternatively you can call Claire on 020 8373 2710 with any questions you may have.

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Safer neighbourhoods

Help from your local police service

Useful help and advice to keep you safe while you are out and about is available from your local police service.

Safer Neighbourhoods

Safer Neighbourhoods is local people working with local police and partners to identify and tackle issues of concern in your neighbourhood. To find out about Safer Neighbourhoods in your area, log onto:

Met police

Metropolitan Police

For non-emergency situations there is a new number to reach the Metropolitan Police - 0300 123 1212. Further information is available at As always if it is an emergency always dial 999.


Crimestoppers is an independent charity. If you have information about crime in your area and you would rather not speak to the police, you can give information anonymously to Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111. Visit for more information


Stop and Search

One of the ways the police is trying to keep our streets safe and combat anti-social behaviour is to carry out ‘stop and search’ checks on individuals.

The police can stop or stop and search you:

  • If they think you're carrying a weapon, drugs or stolen property 
  • If there has been serious violence or disorder in the vicinity
  • If they are looking for a suspect who fits your description
  • As part of anti-terrorism efforts

Being stopped does not mean you are under arrest or have done something wrong. If you have nothing to hide, you should have nothing to worry about.

You may feel irritated about been stopped when you haven’t done anything wrong – that’s completely understandable. However, the stop or stop and search will be much quicker if you co-operate with the police officers.

Police stop and search