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Drugs and alcohol

Drugs, legal highs, gases, glues, aerosols and alcohol are substances that can change your behaviour, the way you think and the way you interact with others!

Sort It! Compass is Enfield 's drug and alcohol service giving advice, information and support to young people living in the borough.

Sort It! Compass can…

  • work through why substance misuse became a part of your life
  • provide confidential support in a safe, comfortable and convenient place
  • give you accurate and up-to-date information about drugs and alcohol, and their effects
  • help you reduce the risks involved with substance misuse, cut down or stop
  • give you practical tips on how to live a healthy lifestyle

Sort It! Compass supports the whole family too, particularly when there is a parent who is misusing drugs or alcohol. A dedicated worker helps the parent with their needs as well as the young person affected by this situation.

When should I contact Sort It! Compass?

  • I feel pressured into using substances
  • I feel different after using substances
  • I am worried about my own, or someone else's substance misuse
  • I just want to talk to someone about drugs and alcohol

How can I contact Sort It! Compass?

You can contact them on your own or a family member, teacher, social worker or youth worker can do this on your behalf.

Call 020 8360 9102, email or drop in at Sort It! Compass, 29 Folkestone Road, Edmonton, London N18 2ER.

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There's been an increase in the use of substances not seen much of in the past. Taking something without knowing what's in it no matter how long its been around is a big risk and potentially fatal. The safest option is always not to take drugs.

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Drugs and Alcohol Support

What other help can I receive?

There are a number of organisations who can help you with drugs or alcohol, these include: