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Pregnant and don't know what to do?

If you are pregnant, did not plan it and are thinking about abortion, you may need to know about the facts involved and what support is available for you.

It is a good idea to talk about your feelings and clarify your options with someone. You may decide that you want to have an abortion (terminate the pregnancy).

You can now contact a 24 hour booking line for a consultation and termination on 0345 365 1470. Enfield patients or residents can self-refer to termination of pregnancy services - this does not delay your treatment.

To decide which assessment clinic can help you best, they will need to ask you some personal questions about your health and past medical history. The date of your last period is important so that they can calculate how many weeks pregnant you are. Please try and be as accurate as possible with this information, as it will make a difference to where you have your assessment appointment and your abortion. This information is confidential.

pregnancy shock

You can also receive confidential information from Enfield's SHOUT 4YP team:

SHOUT 4YP nurse Angela: 07943 510 643

SHOUT 4YP nurse Colette: 07943 510 641

SHOUT 4YP nurse Evelyn:  07484 543 904

If you are planning a pregnancy or already pregnant, get advice and find out more about looking after yourself and what happens next.