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Find an event or activity

Don't be bored at home. Use this page to search for what you can get involved in each month. Click the month to see a list of activities, programmes and events taking place and click the entry to find out more such as where, when and who can attend. All activities are free unless advised otherwise.

Find an Enfield youth or sports club

Date: 01 September 2016 - 31 August 2020

Every day

Location: Various

Time: 10:00 - 21:00

Cost: Check with each club

Check out the Enfield youth and clubs map brought to you by Enfield Council and Enfield Children and Young Person's Services

Please use this map to find a local club providing the activities that interest you. For your convenience the providers are grouped together under the following headings and colour-coded:

  • Youth provision
  • Youth activity mobile bus
  • Sports club
  • Uniformed youth groups
  • Faith groups
  • Performing arts
  • Social care
  • Martial arts
  • Music, media and art
  • Advice and support including advocacy and supplementary schools

Focus in on the category that interests you at this stage and click on any of the pegs that remain to find out more  about the provider offering that activity.

Important please read:

Before attending any sessions you must take note of the following important detail:

The organisations (youth activity providers and other organisations) represented on this map are not necessarily endorsed by Enfield Council and ECYPS (Enfield Children and Young Person’s Services). The details are provided by the organisations or through ECYPS (Enfield Children and Young Person’s Services). They ensure this information remains up to date and accurate. Enfield Council and ECYPS takes no responsibility for the material other than entries relating to their own services.

Before taking part in any activities listed here, Enfield Council strongly advises that you, your parents/carers and any professionals supporting you, make full and detailed checks to ensure that high quality provision, safe environment and all relevant policies and procedures [especially about safeguarding children and young people] are in place. Enfield Council and ECYPS cannot be held responsible for any issues or problems arising from involvement in these activities unless it relates to the quality of the activities delivered by their own service provision.

Enfield youth provision map

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