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Your questions answered

Enfield Contraceptive and Sexual Health Services answered your questions

Q.  Will my parent, teacher, GP, boyfriend, girlfriend be told about my visit to the clinic?

A.   We will not inform anyone of your attendance at clinic unless we are concerned someone is trying to harm you.

Q. Can I bring my friend, boyfriend/girlfriend, parent, into the clinic room when I am being seen? 

A.  We always need to see you on your own for a little while in case there is sensitive information you may not wish to share in front of your friends. Once we have had a chat for a minute or two if you really need the support of a friend that is normally ok.

Q. Will you need to write to my home?

A. No, we only contact by text or mobile phone. So if you have a problem with the number you give us you need to let us know as soon as possible. The number you gave us when you visited the clinic is the only way we have to contact you and there may be an important reason why we need to talk to you again especially if you are waiting for test results. Sometimes the outreach nurses who work with young adults might want to ring you for a chat to see how you are. So keeping us up to date with any change in your number is really important.

Q. If I am under 16 years old, can I come and talk about having sex and how to avoid a pregnancy and STI?

A. Yes, you can walk into a clinic in Enfield every day of the week except Sunday and get help and advice. We will talk to you to make sure no one is trying to harm you. We will always encourage you to speak to a parent or a responsible adult in your life, as having a sexual relationship can sometime be very worrying and we would like to make sure you have all the support you need. You can also use the Youth Enfield website , 4YP Clinic or text or phone the Sexual Health Outreach 4YP nurses anytime for a chat (nurses are available between 9am – 5pm).

Q. What if I don’t remember all the instructions I was given in clinic?

A. Leaflets and other written instructions are always available when information is being given in clinic. If you have a question, no matter how small you can always ring the Sexual Health Outreach 4YP nurses . They will be pleased to hear from you. They will always ring you back and will make arrangements to see you quickly if necessary.

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Q. I don’t think I can get pregnant if my partner doesn’t come inside me.

A. When the penis first becomes hard some sperm comes out with the pre-come. If there is any opportunity for a sperm to enter the vagina there is a risk of pregnancy, whether the male ejaculates (comes) or not. Vaginal secretions (love juice) have a welcoming effect on sperm and encourage those Olympic swimmers to swim inside the female reproductive system and wait for 7 days looking for an egg. Why give yourself all that worry when it would be so much easier to pop into clinic and sort out some sensible contraception to avoid an unplanned pregnancy. Of course the only way to avoid an STI is to use a condom. 

Q. Can I catch an STI if I don’t have penetrative sex (penis inside vagina)?

A. Some STIs are passed through skin touching skin. Viruses like warts and herpes (cold sore virus) can be shared by skin to skin contact. Other infections like scabies, (a tiny skin mite) can be passed through skin to skin contact.

Q. Will my boyfriend be in trouble with the Police if he has sex with me as I am under 16 years of age?

A. Yes, if it comes to the Police attention, if for example your parents become unhappy if there is an unplanned pregnancy or STI, it is possible for the Police to make an arrest especially if your boyfriend is older or is meant to be looking after you, like a teacher or older relative.

Q. Are there other infections apart from an STI that can cause a vaginal discharge and soreness?

A. Some people like to wash themselves too much. Using perfumed soaps with lots of chemicals in them and sitting in the bath as opposed to showering can wash the vaginal natural protection away. This can give a smelly (fishy) grey colored watery discharge commonly bacterial vaginosis (BV). Shaving and waxing of the vulvae (down below) area also can make this worse. Using a simple soap and showering instead of bathing should avoid this problem. If worried pop into clinic or phone for a chat.

You can get free contraception and advice from SHOUT 4YP by calling or texting one of our nurses:


        07943 510 643


       07943 510 641


        07484 543 904

Or visit them at their clinic.